2045: A New Era for Humanity

Give the following video a watch …
2045: A New Era for Humanity

When I first watched this, I thought it was a joke, or something from a movie … But it’s for real, and already moving so quickly.

Rob Skiba has been doing some interesting research on the days of Noah, being the days of animal-human hybrids and genetic-modification/gene-splicing … as Genesis records, ALL flesh, including the animals, had been corrupted …

Sound vaguely familiar?

Well, GMO foods are just that … animal (and sometimes human) genes that are spliced into a plant …

So, if Y’shua describes the end times as “like in the days of Noah”, could this be evidence?

At least more confirmation to be aware, and rather try your best to buy non-GMO/organic foods (it will also be so much better for your health) …

Rob speaks a bit about this in a recent interview with Tom Horn, worth checking out:


Much SHALOM and MANY blessings!
Joe :)

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