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Shalom Y’all!

So excited! Thanks to some inspiration from friends, I finally created a blog!

Don’t really know why I didn’t start one sooner, but then, everything has it’s season … and YHVH always has the perfect timing :)

It makes sense – I’ve been sharing things I come across with friends via email, so why not have a blog where you can share with even more people?

Thinking about it now, this first post is on the eighth/last day of Chanukah … you see, perfect (unplanned) timing :)

So … with this first post, I’d like to dedicate this blog/website to YHVH, to His Kingdom Purposes, to sharing His Ways/Torah and the Good News of Messiah Y’shua … may this blog be a bright LIGHT (of truth) for YHVH in this dark world!

Keep posted :)

Much shalom and blessings!

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