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Shabbat … YAY!

So, we’re still unpacking and sorting things out after moving house around two weeks ago! Would be great if it was as easy as the picture :)

Pick up, move … sorted!

I can’t make up my mind what is the best?

  • To be rushed and have to move everything in one day,
  • OR, to move with a bit of time.

My family and I have moved our fare share over the years – when I was sixteen, we had moved eleven times in the space of around seven years!

If I think back now, I’m surprised … I’m now not such a fan of moving – change is not always easy to embrace. But growing up, I quite enjoyed the moves, there was this sense of new places, new people, and new adventures.

All our previous moves were in a rush – everything had to be moved in one day. This move is the first where we’ve had time … and I can’t say what I prefer? Suppose there’s pro and cons to both. Moving in a rush, everything’s moved, but you feel a tad overwhelmed in the new spot, with everything piled up in boxes (sure motivation to unpack quickly). Moving with time, you can pack and then unpack bit by bit, and not feel like the new spot is complete chaos … but then it takes longer!

Made me think of the Israelites in the wilderness …

Up until a few years ago, I didn’t spend much time reading the Torah (the five Books of Moses), let alone really relating the stories to my own life. They were just stories … now, I absolutely love those Books and have a completely new perspective!

I mean, have you ever wondered just what it was like to journey through the wilderness, with all those people? To be on the move, following the Cloud by day, and the Fire by night? We sometimes forget the practical logistics of that …

And yet, it is such a picture of what the Father (YHVH) desires for us – to follow and trust Him, absolutely resting in that HE knows the way ahead.

Something to ponder on as we enter the new Gregorian year of 2012 …

Granted, it wasn’t always easy for Israel to pick up and move, and there was quite a bit of work involved … yet:

  • Abba-YHVH always provided and cared for them,
  • During those years in the wilderness, their shoes never wore out,
  • There were important lessons to be learnt in the wilderness,
  • And most importantly, they were following YHVH, Who knew exactly where and what. How amazing! Even just the fact of the Cloud by day, to give shade in the hot sun, and the Fire by night, to give warmth in the cold night, reveals the GOODNESS of our Abba!

So it was with Israel of old, so it will be for us today …

I’m sure it was the same for Israel … with weeks like these, you really look forward to Shabbat! YAY!

So, with whatever week you’ve had, may you rest and savor this Shabbat, spending time with Abba-YHVH and your family … may Abba refresh and renew you, as you draw closer to Him … may you drink deeply of His Well of Salvation, the LIVING-WATER … Y’shua.

Shabbat Shalom!

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