New Here?

New to all this?

No stress, it can be overwhelming!

My recommendation would be to:

1. Read Dr. Russ “Pappy” Houck’s book “EPIDEMIC: Examining The Infected Roots of Judaism and Christianity”. In the book, Pappy will give you an excellent overview/foundation as to the history of Judaism AND Christianity, and show how BOTH these streams moved away from our true/Biblical Roots, and began to take on pagan/man-made practices and traditions. Pappy also brings the focus back to what is this journey about — not a new/revised/system of RELIGION, but a RELATIONSHIP … walking in fellowship with our Abba Father, like Adam did in the cool of the day … highly recommended!

2. Pretty much watch all of 119 Ministries’ videos — if not all, then definitely:

3. Work through Skip Moen’s teachings on:

One of Skip’s main focuses is on understanding the Greek vs. the Hebrew mindset — this is really key!

One of the greatest hinderances to discovering and growing in Truth is our “big fat Greek mindsets”. We in the Western world, have particularly been immersed in thinking like Greeks (that is, from a Greek philosophical worldview). Every part of our lives have been affected — our thinking, culture, relationships, and worldview — and for the most part, the Greek mindset is completely opposite to the culture, mindset, and worldview of the Bible … in a nutshell, the Greek mindset says there are only TWO choices, only TWO ways of looking at something — it’s right or wrong, black or white. And if we don’t see eye to eye, and can’t agree … we CAN’T fellowship together, and I can’t learn from you!

But this isn’t the Biblical mindset! The Biblical mindset says:

We don’t all have it right,

You may see something I don’t,

And we need to ask QUESTIONS in order to understand, to grow in TRUTH.

And, if I don’t agree with you, we can discuss and midrash about it, in order to come to the TRUTH (with the Bible as our plumbline).

And if we still DON’T see eye to eye (obviously excluding the major issues, as clearly defined in the Scriptures) … we’re still brothers, still family! We still LOVE each other, and still fellowship with one another!

What I’ve come to understand is that many of us who are discovering our Biblical (Hebrew) Roots, are still seeing through “Greek glasses/filters”, and so aren’t walking in the fullness Father has for us in terms of community, learning, unity and LOVING one another. Could this be one of the reasons there seems to be such division in the Body today?

4. Work through the articles/studies by Natan Lawrence of Hoshana Rabbah.

… and check out the other links I recommend :)

MANY blessings!

Joe :)

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